Talking Intelligently About Competitors

posted Nov 18, 2014, 11:05 AM by Vishal Singh
This video review key strategies in talking about competition and how to set yourself apart: Open Video

Geotab is the most popular telematics solution world wide and for good reason. Here are some common competitive advantages we use - against most competitors. Use this with caution - It is important to acknowledge your competition and distinguish against them accurately and concisely.

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Customer Service

We take a partnership approach to assisting our customers where we directly engage customer pain areas with best practices, custom reports, and engineered solutions. Our mission is to use our fleet know-how to bring customers to the same performance levels as the best performing fleets in the world.

Sell an out of the box product, limited support and no direct understanding or setup around the customer’s specific pain areas.

Future Ready

3G Network Ready ensures your system will get the best coverage for years to come. IOX expansion technology allows you to expand features with growth.

On older GSM networks (especially current installations), which are being phased out within 2-3 years. Coverage and solutions will be obsolete within this period. Expansion is not user friendly - ie. No Plug & Play, IOX.

Driver Coaching Feedback

Audible driver alerts to harsh braking, hard cornering, speeding, etc. events for driver coaching purposes/training.

This high value feature is not offered by competitors.

Vehicle ECM Connectivity

ECM gives you actual Odometer, Fuel Used, Seat Belt, Vehicle Faults, PTO and more. This allows you to Save Fuel, Get Critical Alerts &Prevent Downtime.

Typically not available or competitive solution is weak and does not offer high level of detail under closer observation.

Plug and Play Install

$0 Install. Installs in Seconds. No messy wiring, warranty issues or expensive after service costs.

Hardwired install. Often competitors offer free install, but the high after service cost to move is hidden and a pain area for many with these types of systems.

Most Powerful in


Trusted by the largest fleets (ie. UPS Logistics) for reliability and robustness of features.

Reliability of other solutions is a pain area for many managers.

More detailed comparison of Competitors

Comparison Chart Competitors